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Our Silk Sleep Masks are made of 100% pure silk for the most luxurious feel. Designed to provide extra coverage to block out all unwanted light. 
Makes the perfect gift for any Bride-to-be to ensure that her skin is looking fresh, hair is silkier than ever and most importantly that she gets a good night's rest leading up to her big day.
Buy as a gift or treat yourself to the best sleep ever!  


Sleep is the key to a healthy lifestyle. A restful night's sleep can improve your energy levels, everyday functioning and your overall health. 

The number one way to improve your quality of sleep is to block out the light. There are several studies linked to why it is beneficial to sleep in complete darkness. It is proven that sleeping in complete darkness causes our brains to release melatonin which we all need to regulate our sleep-wake cycle.

In today's modern world, we tend to have more distractions and we are exposed to unnatural light. Whether it is coming in from your windows, the cracks of your door, or electronic devices in your room, there is one solution to block out the unwanted light and that is wear a sleep mask. 


Made with 100% pure luxurious Silk. Being is a natural, soothing, soft fabric that is hypoallergenic, Silk is great for sensitive skin. It is cooling, absorbs sweat, and can help regulate your temperature while you sleep.

Skin: It has been said that Silk helps prevent and can even minimize wrinkles when used as a pillowcase or sleep mask. It also helps maintain your skins moisture, which helps battle dryness and acne. 

Hair: Silk is known to help fight frizz as it is a friction free material. The slippery Silk allows your hair to glide which means less snagging and less damage causing frizz. While Silk also retains the moisture in your hair, keeping your hair hydrated could help eliminate frizz overtime. 

Improve your quality of sleep, save your skin, and get healthier shinier looking hair now!

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